Boogie Interactive

Little known among most people, Bogee Games are still great fun!

Many people love playing video games. In almost every smartphone and home based computer, there is at least one or two video games. Playing video games is one great of relaxing your mind from the stressful day may be from work. Video games force you to think critically and solve problems in the game. Playing video games also will sharpen your mind and equip you with super critical thinking skills. Video games usually have a certain number of levels and difficulty tends to increase with each level. These games also are usually downloaded to a smartphone or even bought at specialty gaming stores. One of the companies that develop these video games and apps is the Bogee Interactive. Bogee Interactive is an app and a video game developer and publisher. It has developed many applications and video games for Android and iOS.

What are the top games from Bogee Interactive?

Bogee expedition.

With twelve levels and seven enemies, the Bogee expedition is all about the adventures of Bogee; an anthropology student, who was sent to explore while dangerous tribes on the edges of the civilized worlds can threaten his research. His task is to find artifacts from these native people. In this game, you need to help Bogey dodge all weapons hurled at him and help him attain his goals. It is a thrilling and exciting game that kids and adults can love to play.

Magic Crystal Mazes

This is another top game from Bogee interactive. It is a puzzle game with more than forty levels. The game becomes more difficult as you advance through each of the levels.

Stop the Train

Harder to find but well know to internet fans is another top video game similar to Bogey Expedition where you are supposed to stop certain objects from atop a moving the train in order to attain a goal.

Where can you find Bogee Interactive apps today?

Just like film and music, video games are an entertainment and it is a popular culture. The games developed from Bogee need to be preserved for future references for this very reason. Bogee Interactive apps and video games can be found in the Google Play store, but you can’t readily find them on their website for Bogee Interactive, nor can they be found in the archives of the international center for the history of electronic games. The advantage of preserving these kinds of video games is that they can be used by future video games developers and publishers as a reference. We found a site that offers some of the latest and most popular game apps on it's free best slot apps page. Check them out.

Bogee Interactive has a wide variety of apps and video games to choose from. You can still download the video games right into your smartphone or even your laptop and have a thrilling experience playing them. Playing the video games is therapeutic and relaxes your mind from stress. Through the Google Play store, the video games are free. Sadly there are few links that allow you to download Stop the Train but luckily there are some Russian sites that do have copies that are still available. 

You may not know the name Waka Kalininsky -but you should!

He’s an odd fellow responsible for making the iconic “Stop the Train” painting. His other works include very mind-bending and rather incredible ideas you might never has thought about but Waka did… His work can be seen through Deviant Art and is all free to download. If you were a fan of Stop the train- you have to check out the ideas he had for that.

There should never be a boring and dull moment in your life. You should note that video games can be addictive. Addictive meaning that too much playing can make you leave out other priorities for the sake of playing the game.

The top games from Bogee Interactive

The top games from Bogee Interactive
Mobile games are love. Choices might differ from person to person but there's a thing for mobile game in all of us. They are entertaining, challenging, adventurous and refreshing, all at the same time. If you too belong to the category of people who spend a lot of their time playing and exploring games, this one is for you. Worry not, we don't discriminate between iPhone and Android users. The games we will be talking about are available on both Apple app store as well as Play Store.

The incredible art of Waka Kalininskiy

The incredible art of Waka Kalininskiy
Most people may not actually be aware of whom Waka Kalininskiy is. His actual birth name is “Valentinus Kalininskiy" and is a Russian artist who specializes in digital graphic artist. He started in 2002, and from that point he has produced some amazing creations that are clearly mind-bending and thought provoking. Let’s learn how he came to embrace digital art.

Preserving Video Game History

Preserving Video Game History
The dynamic nature of technology has led to slow decay of age old information with new forms of data replacing the old ones at a rapid pace. Some classic video games are in danger of disappearing forever due to neglect and continual erosion within our video game history. Game cartridges of past video games have been stored in garages rotting away while companies continue to hoard unreleased demos. Preservationists are also working tirelessly towards preserving the video game history before they are eventually degraded by the physical media.

Bogee Interactive and the innovations of games for mobile

Bogee Interactive and the innovations of games for mobile
Bogee Interactive has built its brand in developing interactive games for both iPhone and Android. The games are well designed with simple and enjoyable interfaces that are unsurpassed. Bogee games aren’t new to the gaming industry, but their name is still relevant from years ago. Bogee Interactive has been around for more than ten years, ever since beyond 2010- and still offer game apps openly on Google Play. Perhaps better known for creating games for earlier brand companies, they were popular for coming up with classic yet thrilling and fun games.