The incredible art of Waka Kalininskiy

Valentinus Kalininskiy 7Most people may not actually be aware of whom Waka Kalininskiy is. His actual birth name is “Valentinus Kalininskiy" and is a Russian artist who specializes in digital graphic artist. He started in 2002, and from that point he has produced some amazing creations that are clearly mind-bending and thought provoking. Let’s learn how he came to embrace digital art.

He describes the type of art he produces as concepts that completely capture him, and it is easy to see why. It is incredible what can be produced from a medium that isn’t actually a physical painting, but in all respect is an emerging art-form in itself. Filled with such high color contrast, some of his work even looks like it has been painted with strokes of fresh and breathtaking enthusiasm. Among our personal favorites in his collection are Happiness, The Horseman of an Apocalypse, Gloom and the one that stands out “Stop the Train”. Now, this is one of his older pieces of work from around 2004 and it is noticeably different from the rest. It comes across as being very clean cut, bright colors, good line work and brighter compared to his other creations. It also has a look that is completely different than what we are used to when viewing his overall work. This is because; compared to his other work, this is actually a design for a mobile gaming app he produced for a Russian games company called Bogee Interactive. If you have ever played the game app, then you may remember this cover picture that caught your attention so quickly.

Waka Kalininskiy as created a few niche pieces of artwork for various themed commissions, but it has to be said that this is probably the most mainstream piece from his working collection. The use of lighter calmer colors even during an action-packed scene really demonstrates that he isn’t just limited to the darker side of his color palette. I understand that graphic design artwork is a time consuming and hard process as every stroke of your pen needs to be perfect to get what you are looking for, however, you look through Waka Kalininskiy work and it just comes across so effortless the image really does speak for itself and just Wows you. If you have never had the opportunity to have a look at this magnificent artwork than I strongly recommend you do. He isn’t your household name and many people may not understand the type of process he makes- isn’t on paper with a brush or pencil but it produces the same effect of true storytelling at its finest.

With this line of work, the time you put into it can truly outweigh the end result and that is why it can seem so picturesque at the end. The artwork I personally admire and get drawn to is Fatal Depth, l purposely excluded it earlier as I felt it required a personal mention due to the complex yet beautifully elegant put together the masterpiece. I don’t believe people understand how challenging it can be to mix and blend colors on a screen but this creation is the sole image of when it works it really does work. I hope that you take time to have a look and appreciate the work from Waka Kalininskiy like I do, I completely understand it isn’t everyone's cup of tea but just show the appreciation to his work that it really does deserve.