The top games from Bogee Interactive

Mobile games are love. Choices might differ from person to person but there's a thing for mobile game in all of us. They are entertaining, challenging, adventurous and refreshing, all at the same time. If you too belong to the category of people who spend a lot of their time playing and exploring games, this one is for you. Worry not, we don't discriminate between iPhone and Android users. The games we will be talking about are available on both Apple app store as well as Play Store.

Moving on, here's a list of four of the best games from Bogee Interactive that we found to be most engaging and appealing from all dimensions. So, you can set aside the games you've been playing for a while now and try out something new and more interesting. The four games we are talking about are: Stop The Train, Bogee Expedition Platformer, Magic Crystals and Mazeness. Stop The Train

You're about to go on a life-saving mission with this game. So, get ready. ln Stop The Train, a train has been taken control of by some evildoers disguised as policemen. Bogee has been chosen as the man to save the train from them. You'll have to use the special capabilities of Bogee such as long jumps to make sure that he reaches the first car of the train to defeat and stop the enemies. As you move from one car to another on the train, there will be your enemies whom you'll have to fight clearing your way. And each car presents you a stronger enemy and an increased level of difficulty to move ahead. There comes bonus cars and bridges that make sure you stay more connected to the game. Time to take up the challenge and save a few lives!

Bogee Expedition Platformer Expedition Platformeris more of a story embedded in a game. And you'll just love it. Bogee is out on his adventure of exploring the unknown tribes in different part of the world. On his journey, he collects various fruits he finds to show his love to the animals he finds on the way and help them survive. But, his journey isn't all easy as he meets many enemies on his way and he has to dodge their attacks and survive them to accomplish his goals. This game with 12 levels and seven different types of enemies will give you a truly adventurous experience at an all new level.

hot Bogee Interactive gaming appsMagic Crystals is a game where there will be various types and colors of crystals stacked up together in number of rows and you'll have to find such a combination where you can exchange the position of any two adjacent crystals so as to match 3 or more crystals of the same color. The game is not like the usual ones you've been playing till now. Once you've made the combination of the same color crystals, you'll have to swipe it down to make it fall. As you level up in the game, more and more colors will keep adding to the game which is sure to take more brainwork from you. The game is about being as quick as possible to complete all the levels. Are you ready to take up the new challenge or are you going to stick to that old game of yours?

Mazeness Bogee Interactive designed this game to look simple but keep you challenged all the way through its twelve levels. Mazeness is a puzzle that will leave you highly puzzled. The game provides you with two simple mazes where two balls are provided that you need to put in a yellow box in the maze. The position of the ball can be changed by using the provided borders. The catch of this game is that you need to put both the balls in the yellow box at the same it. This game again has twelve levels only to provide you a tougher challenge with the increase in each level. Time to get your hands on something interesting!